Monday, February 9, 2009


Reuben has crawled into the living room. I lure him back with Kristi's ABC flashcards, Apple sitting at the top. He crawls back into the playroom and begins his signing. And yet this time, he doesn't wait for me to turn the card to Baby, but proceeds to sign Apple-Baby-Cookie-Dolly-Elbow-Flower. He's on a roll. He skips Igloo for today but relishes in Jam. He has learnt not only the signs, but what comes next. I re-introduce the flashcards, we get to Tiger which he signs and he swiftly follows it with Undershirt. What do I call this? Sequencing? A damn good memory? It feels extraordinary. I'm reminded of my niece Aurora (my side) and nephew Mitchell (Jason's side) when they would "read" books to me. I was beginning to understand that they couldn't read the words, but, with enough practice, could recite the stories verbatim. The same thing is happening to my darling Reuben.

My homemade signing vocabulary:
Signing - the ASL signs
Refining - refining the location of the sign in relation to body parts, the direction of movement and the fingers used
Combining - joining words into 2 or 3 word sentences, I love mama, dirty diaper, baby sleeping shush
Sequencing - the alphabetical order of signs


The Claytons said...

Way to go Reuben! That is so awesome. So young and such an inspiration to me for my 6 1/2 yr old Charger. I know that mine will get there someday especially when I have these little guys to look to for inspiration. I am so very proud of you!

hannah m said...

You are a bright and shining star, Sweet Reuben!

Funny, I was just telling a friend the other day that I've noticed Vivian "refining" some of her ASL signs lately. For example, cracker has moved from tapping her wrist to tapping her elbow. Very interesting development to watch!

Kristi said...

One word:

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