Monday, February 9, 2009

Kiss the rain

Water is that tiny sparkle
Lying over there, a puddle
Rippling in the shade of the tree
Dancing for everybody to see
A silent ripple fills the air
Praise the Lord for water

- Mama, Aged 9
I recently happened upon my Book of Poems which I wrote when I was 9, the same big yellow book upon which my Dad had inscribed the number of a local plumber, a number which glared out from amongst my frilly writing and pretty pictures of flowers. Well, you never know when you're going to need a plumber. And so today, watching the rain, I was reminded of the verse of one of my innocent poems. Reuben stares out at the driving rain, his nose pressed up against the window pane as if trying to smell it. What beautiful water colours are made from the rain on the Spanish tiles of our porch.


Kristina said...

I think these are my new favorite photos.... absolutely beautiful.

Jenn said...

What a wonderful childhood memories of "Kiss the rain"!

Rain is always one of my greatest childhood memories too... playing outdoor in the tropical weather with my sisters and younger brother (later with two brothers)in the rain back then younger than 9 living with my family in a private gated village across the beach resort...back in the P.I. What a memory....

Reuben you reminded me of what a joy it is to watch the rain...