Sunday, March 29, 2009

About the music

Growing up, our home was always full of the sound of music, from Mum and Dad's Ella and Frank and Irish ballads, to Pete's Sex Pistols, Joe's The Doors, Anne-Marie's Siousie & The Banshees, Geraldine's Dire Straits and my Johnny Cash, Abba and Wham. Well, my music taste got a little better over the years and Jason and I have enjoyed the benefits of a wonderful music culture in London, Miami and now LA.

I hope there's something for everyone here: classic indie British rock bands like the Stereophonics and Elbow, American rockers The Killers, folk from Johnny Cash and Neil Diamond, soft rockers Don Henley and Tom Petty, real/rock R&B from The Rolling Stones and punk founders The Clash, Frank & Ella. Check out the playlist below for the tracks or to silence the music. What you won't find is modern R&B, pop music, American Idol, boy or girl bands.

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