Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Reuben and his ABCs

Signing D

The letters are on the 3 little window ledges in the playroom as we're teaching Reuben his ABCs (Thank you Hannah! The book is a wonderful teaching tool). As the sun slips down, it shines intensely into the West facing room and I draw the blinds, casting deep shadows on the playroom walls. I hear a rustle behind the blinds and look up to find Reuben searching for the letters that were silhouetted. He retrieves the E and the D and signs D at me in great excitement!

PS I later thought. Good job he loves "D" so much. There are 3 in his surname!


cristina said...

hi my name is cristina. i have a baby girl that was just diagnosed with charge. the childrens hospital gave me your number and blog but i thought it would be better to write to u first but i have no idea how to email you. me n my husband have alot of questions and we would appreciate if you would help us. my email is i made a blog to see if i could message you through there but i didnt figure it out. :( < your son is really cute it makes me feel better to see such a beautiful baby walkin and doing all the things he does eventhough he has charge syndrome, since weve heard many bad things about this syndrome>

Geraldine said...

That's wonderful Catherine, his cognitive abilities are pretty sharp aren't they?

I'd love to send you over a present for Reu...can you let me know of any other learning tools you've had your eye on that you think will be useful?

Love the photo btw. Very arty, as usual!

Love Geraldnie

Geraldine said...

Also, are you coming over for Easter or is there somewhere you're visiting as a house exchange.

I'll ask in Stock if anyone fancies doing a house exchange with you in L.A., if you fancy a stint here. Nice countryside, biggish houses...