Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day (USA)

... to us girls!

And the best present ever is seeing Reuben count 1-10 in ASL today, correctly, beautifully, exactly, signing with his whole heart. Given I only learnt how to do this correctly from my book in the last week, I continue to be amazed at my boy, nay, I'm gobsmacked.

And so I'm mama to two boys now. Well, what d'ya know?

We have a sign for Honey, H and Doggy and Reuben's been signing that all afternoon. I was doing a shoot for our neighbours for their sweet son's baptism and Callum's been using my Canon strap as a teething ring to counter the razor sharp fang that's poking through on the bottom. Alternatively, he uses my chin. A little uncomfy now especially with said fang, but I love it all the same.

And Honey after all found us. It's late and I'm just going to bed, but Honey has decided she doesn't want to sleep in the shed bed we've set up for her and would much rather stand guard outside our back door. With her newly pampered coat and everything else they did at the petstore and vet, her shiny new pink collar and squeeky toys, she sits with utter patience and respect. There is not a winge nor a bark from her to come in, just soulful eyes looking for love. If, as she did on occasion today, manage to sneak in through the back door, I would kindly ask her to scoot (Mama says stay outside Honey) and she would abruptly turn back to the door. A lady, after all, always knows when to leave.

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The Claytons said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Hope you have a great day spending it with your two precious children!