Saturday, May 9, 2009


Honey is a little old lady who came to visit us yesterday and has been with us ever since. She is so full of love, so gentle, so well behaved, so in need of a home, and seemingly, so in her last days. Last night we set up a bedroom for her in a bathroom because there are too many crazy possums out there at night.

Jason is at Petco and the vets and is feeding her organic dog food no less after she's eaten up all our leftovers.
I've called her "Honey", just because I called her Honey once and it's stuck. Reuben loves her to bits.

Anyone who knows me will know that I'm not a huge fan of dogs, but somehow this little old lady has stolen my heart, bringing measures of empathy, sadness and joy.


Kristina said...

I'm so glad you guys are looking after her! Honey is the perfect name for her! This is wonderful! The Dodds have a doggy!

hannah m said...

So, so sweet!