Friday, May 29, 2009

In our garden

When the old lady across the road from us passed on, her home shortly after was left as a trust sale. We bought all of her beautiful roses left in pots and gave them a new home in our garden, allowing them to spread their pot bound roots. How beautiful they have come on since, flourishing in the terrace outside the kitchen. For my friend Jennifer’s baby shower, we were given sweet peas as a favour and thus it was Reuben’s and my project to plant them and watch them grow (Note: shortly after this picture was taken, Reuben threw the sweet pea pot and the contents spilled out. Never mind, they're hardy souls). Does Reuben's smile give a clue then to his future intentions? I must print some of these photos of the roses out for her daughter. I was touched a while back when I saw photographs, 70 years old, of the old lady's twin son and daughter as babies lying carelessly on the floor during her mother’s estate sale. It saddened me at the time and I picked the photos up, urging her to put them in a safe place than among the shuffling feet of home buyers.

The green BebePOD chair Callum is sitting on is the one Reuben used to enjoy too and it prompted me to look back at the similar photos I'd taken of his hands and feet whilst in the chair 18m ago.


hannah m said...

Love these photos - the one with Reu holding the sweetpea is lovely.

Eva Nichole said...

Very sweet!!