Saturday, May 30, 2009

Scott Baio Celebrity Yard Sale & Six Degrees of Separation

Callum loving the Red Carpet

For more pics, visit my photography biz blog.

And the story behind the girl ("S") with the stunning blue eyes on my photo biz blog of whom I took a zillions pics? Back in December, you may remember we visited Santa at The Grove in Bev Hills along with Cassandra. In the queue (aka line), we got chatting to a mum with twins and lo and behold! were they naturally conceived? No, IVF, the path both Cassandra and I took. That's Coincidence 1.

Coincidence 2: She went to the same IVF Dr as Cassandra and I. Remember too this is on top of

Coincidence 3: Cassandra and I met in the NICU and discovered then both Reuben and Dylan (29w preemie) were IVF. And we used the same IVF Dr Naj

Coincidence 4: I should see Cassandra chatting to S's mummy, Laurie, at the yard sale and immediately recognised her. How strange we're all in the same place at the same time again at a pretty intimate event.

Coincidence 5: And Cassandra, Laurie and I still have frozen embryos (frosties) at Dr Naj's lab so you could say our little ones are bedfellows again.

Coincidence 6: And where does S's mummy live? Well, actually the street no more than a 2 minute walk from me in LA I've just discovered. Happy playdates ahead.

6 degrees of separation?


Sara, Jules and Rachel said...

Once again Catherine - STUNNING pics! Really hoping you'll have time to take some of the girls when you visit!

Eva Nichole said...

Very cute!! and AWWW the perks of living in LA!!
Crystal and Eva