Monday, May 18, 2009

Mother's Day

The greatest feast of the year, Mother’s Day. What a lovely celebration at Mass, all the mums invited to stand on the altar. I am balancing the boys on either hip, whilst the congregation is singing to us. We are all holding carnations which the Monsignor has given to each of us in turn, a group of maybe 50 mothers. I look around, part of the group of mothers, almost in disbelief that I am at last one of them.

I look down at my boys and at their hands. How amazing to think how so wrapped around those tiny little fingers I am.

And when you are the apple of your mother’s eye, it allows you to do things you could never, never, never, imagine you could do.

And so I spent the day, just the 3 of us, having a picnic on the Santa Monica Bluffs and yet could it be conceived as a picnic when I didn't actually have a blanket nor food with me. Ah, some nearby picnickers came over with chips and guacamole, humus and salad, a blanket and bingo! I had my very own picnic with my boys. Another passerby asked about Reuben's BAHA hearing aid, being a deaf teacher herself. Nothing beats it, hey, time with your children

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