Saturday, May 16, 2009

Open Day at Marlton

The programme offered from pre-school (3+) will be ASL/English so Reuben will have a bilingual education.

He currently attends UCLA Early Intervention (University College Los Angeles) programme but that will end at age 3 when he enters the pre-school programme. I'm also planning on starting pre-pre school at Marlton once a week so Reuben can start to become immersed in Deaf Culture. It's hard to explain, but basically, it's more than just the American Sign Language, it's the whole world order, grammar, and deaf culture itself. So just as we may embark on learning a foreign language, ASL can be treated the same way and only by immersing in the language can Reuben ever hope to become fluent. Whilst I hang onto that word "yet", in that he cannot speak yet, I hope one day he will be able to vocalise and speak. What an incredibly long journey it will be with speech therapists and how we all work so hard and noone more so than Reuben himself. What little miracles he holds in his signing hands.

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