Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tigger bouncer

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon in June and the warm light was streaming into the playroom. Just then, Reuben had an idea.

"Hey brother, wanna do some bouncing, Tigger style?"

Callum looked up in surprise, replying,

"Oh, I'm not so sure, Reu. It looks a little scary to me"

"You just sit pretty, and hold on tight!", said Reuben.

Callum was a little quiet.

"You OK?" asked Reuben

"I think so" replied Callum, although it has to be said, his face was telling quite a different story.

Reuben looked around.

"Trust me. Now let's see. Coast is clear. You're looking good for take off".

"OK brother, I'll say a prayer", said Callum.

"You put your right foot here to start off".

"And your left foot there", continued Reuben.

"See how you can start to turn yourself", guided Reuben.

"You can turn to the side..."

"and turn your back on me"

"and get up on your toes."


"Hey! I'm finding my feet (I think!)", replied Callum, a faint and barely visible smile growing across his face.

And with a swish of Tigger's tail,

he took a huge leap, and...


"Did you see me Mama? Wow! That was fun."

Callum beamed a big smile across at Mama, his two little front teeth glistening from his happy face.

"Thank you big brother".

"Don't mention it", replied Reuben. "Anytime".


Kristi said...

How cute is that?!
Soooooo cute!!
Gorgeous pics, gorgeous boys, adorable dialogue!

PS... My friends are in awe of your talent! :-)

TiaChica said...

Sending you lots of thoughts and hugs.

Sara said...

Awwwwww - so cute. My two LOVED their bouncer, but never had such a cool Tigger one!

hannah m said...

Love the story these photos and your words tell - beautiful light and beautiful boys!

Eva Nichole said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL the new pics!!