Sunday, June 7, 2009

Callum and cookies

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I'm loving this group of pictures for capturing Callum's foray into feeding himself (healthy) cookies. The delight on his face, reaching out, the cookie sticking to his lips, the drool as his taste buds are enlivened!
Photo tip: when a subject is light by very bright artificial or in this case, natural light and the lit area is in focus, it renders the background black, that area being not only out of focus but so much darker than the lit and in focus area. Another way to achieve a black background is of course through a black background sheet, but I often get a better result using macro photography as a means to blackening the background. I used a large/wide aperture (eg 2.8 or f5.6) to create a shallow depth of field so that the background appears blurry, thus focusing attention on the subject. You can get a similar effect on a point and shoot by selecting the flower or portrait (looks like a head) auto settings. The dappled flower effect on Callum is from a window blind. As you know, I love to play with light and shadows in my pics. Does this help?


Sara said...

Fab photos and great tips! I shall be learning lots I'm sure.
I've just bought a Kodak M340 camera - just a simple digital, not an SLR, so the "flower" setting is what I'd need.
Thanks xxxx

hannah m said...

Oh, puffs! The photo of Callum with the puff in his mouth is perfect! I love it!