Friday, June 12, 2009

Retro Rocket

The sounds emanating from our house at present: Reuben scooting around on his Retro Rocket, birthday present from the Halls which he loves! I always want to remember this period of his toddlerhood, his unbounded joy!

"All systems go, Retro, you're looking good! One, Two, Three, Blast Off! Approaching warp speed. Asteroids ahead." Reuben shoots and steers (!) across the floor with a huge smile on his face. Great gift!

1 comment:

Kristi said...

All the shots are great, Catherine!
They're all beautiful... they are of your children!

I just love that first pic of Reuben! Such joy on his face and looking so mature in his transition lenses :-)

As for next week, you know you'll all be in our thoughts. I am glad that they will keep him overnight... with all that he's having done, especially the uro surgery, they can best manage his pain there the first several hours.
On the ear tubes, I didn't realize he'd been having fluid issues... sorry to hear that. Just to warn you, when they come out of surgery from that procedure, it can be a little alarming if no one explains to you that he may have bloody drainage from his ears. Even though it's completely expected post-op, it just doesn't sit well to see blood there... so be prepared, friend.
Will be sending loads of positive thoughts your way Thursday on all of it... I know the L&B is another part for which you'll be anxious.