Monday, July 6, 2009

And a bowl full of mush

Ingredients: Finger paints, flour, neon food colouring, expired cranberries, bright garden sunshine, big plastic bib. Result: A bowl full of mush and a big tongue hanging out with concentration. PS I know the pics are just too similar to have published both, but I just love the change in expression and I continue to love my big boy in his transition lenses.


Kristi said...

LOVE all this kind of stuff with my two also! :-)
I am so glad you did post both photos... his facial expressions are priceless!

hannah m said...

So enjoyable!

JENN said...

REUBEN the chef....Just kidding Reu..little Mister...

You are so looking seriously adorable Reuben and having a good time with your cooking!?

:) One of your best,

Nursie JGF