Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Independence Day

To our two American boys made with British and Irish parts.

Jason spent 6 hours on the 4th sadly in ER with Reuben as he's developed trachyitus. We're leaving for the UK on 13th so we're hoping the Cipro antibiotics will kick in (he's only just finished his last course of another antibiotic for pharyngitis), but Cipro is the big gun and in a sense, since he gets sick about every 6 weeks, it's better it happens now than when we're away. Callum meanwhile was screaming his head off most of the day with me at home. He's never been sick and a little snivel was therefore a lot for him to handle! And no doubt he was missing his big brother and Daddy too (during the times he wasn't screaming, he was saying "da, da, da" all day).

Will have to do a make-up 4th July celebration for the boys as the closest we got to fireworks was the sound of the distant display over Marina del Rey.


Sara said...

Oh dear - sorry to hear that. Must be something in the air as both my two have been poorly too. Nothing as serious as Reu though.
Really hoping we CAN meet up at some point whilst you are over here.
Much love xxx

Kristi said...

Bummer... hope the cipro kicks in fast!
Have they ever talked to you about putting Reuben on Tobi (inhaled Tobramycin) prophylatically?
Gracie has a regimen of 28 days on, 28 days off. This has helped tremendously with warding off the nasty elevated levels of pseudomonas and other tracheal bacterias that are the common culprits to infection. It's rather aggressive in some minds, but has, of late, become a much more common practice instead of having to use the "big gun" often.

Loving his voice video! I have watched it almost as much as Gracie's walking video! :-)

hannah m said...

Hoping Sweet Reu is feeling better - so sad to hear he wasn't feeling well.