Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Family of food lovers

My sister Geraldine, an accomplished horse rider, guitarist and graphic designer

My brother Joe, stick thin, 6'4", eats like a horse, a teacher, painter, writer and intellectual

Dad takes his role as somelier very seriously, but ah, we missed out on his speciality, the bbq!

Callum gets his fair share of food and drink

Joe, my sister Anne-Marie, a Registered Nurse specialising in Opthalmology (that's eyes!), Mama and a less than calm Callum. We all went out shortly after this was taken to my brother Pete's gig and Callum was left in the hands of Mum, Dad and Aurora. The next morning, I asked Aurora how it went with Callum. She slipped her finger across her neck. Enough said. Callum was really struggling with separation anxiety at the time.

My brother Joe and Amanda, both secondary (high) school teachers

Food, wine, music, beer and salad days in my Mum and Dad's garden. Geraldine and Mark made a gorgeous spread of shrimp, cherry tomatoes and basil with fresh spaghetti.

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JENN said...

Wow, what a wonderful touchy family reunion pics!

So glad for you and your family...
So naturely colorful where Callum crawls on the very green grass...

Both Reuben and Callum are as always the most cutest of all and with your reunion there with everyone...

That's a very attractive picture of the lavender and the busy bee nature wise.... just like the circle of life from the littlest to the human nature - so beautiful...

again, WELCOME BACK TO CALI U.S.A. More Hugs to you the Dodds Family..