Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Family of music lovers

Callum with big cousin Aurora (10)

Auntie Anne-Marie (Mama's sister)

Cousin Hannah

My family have always been huge music lovers which I've mentioned many times before. Hannah may look a budding pianist, how fitting she is at the piano, but I understand this was her first attempt at playing. My sister Geraldine is a great guitarist. My brother Pete's been the lead singer of a rock bands, currently Undercover, for a quarter of a century. We were fortunate to have a night out at one of his gigs in Colchester, Anne-Marie, Joe and I and didn't stop singing and dancing all night to Stones, Oasis, Undertones, Clash and Arctic Monkeys covers. The net result of his was me suffering from tinitus for the new few days.


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JENN said...

Very special memorable moments...
What a big curious boy Callum is...
Really nice picture of Callum and his big girl cousin on the piano...

What a nice time REUBEN experiencing with the whole gang!

Very happy for R & C and your family..