Monday, August 24, 2009

Nana & Grandad's Garden: Flowers & birdbath

I truly delighted in spending time in Mum & Dad's garden and so did the boys, whether rocking on the swing or crawling on the soft and oh so-green grass. The weather was a real mixed bag though, typical of the UK, and would change from gorgeous sunshine to driving rain. At the time, Callum was going through separation anxiety and would not take too kindly to me being out of sight. He may look angelic here, but as Dad says, his voice could "empty a stadium". Mum and Dad take such great pride in their garden and Dad will spend endless hours in it working his vegetable patch, redesigning parts of the garden or tending to his plants. As I said to Mum at the time, I could quite happily spend every day rocking one of the boys in the swing, so peaceful was it to do so.

Bird bath with cobwebs


jennifer.jaxonsmom said...

All of the pictures posted today are stunning. My favorites include Callum peeping out of the bathtub (all the bathroom shots, really) and the bumble bees on the lavendar.

Keep them coming!


Crystal M. said...

Wonderful photos, sounds like a great visit with family.
Crystal and Eva