Monday, August 24, 2009

Reuben is a walker!

At what point can you classify a child as being a true walker? Reuben took his first furtive steps at 17 months in our playroom and has been adding to those little walks every since. Last week, he took 36 steps and then yesterday, with the soft surface beneath him at the Playa Vista park, a Shane's Inspiration* project just moments from home, he took 45, then 77 then 95 steps, all the time pointing to where he wanted to go, making turns, standing momentarily and setting off again, all the little transitions he's been taught. And boy does he know he's doing great. I've instructed his PT to hold at least one of his sessions at the park, because he's long outgrown walking back and forth in the playroom. So in answer to the question: perhaps you're a true walker when walking is your predominant mode of transport, and at 2 years and 3 months, you're a walker Reuben!

*Shane's Inspiration is a universally-accessible playground for children of all abilities in the new Sports Park in Playa Vista (LA). Shane’s Inspiration is a nationally-recognized non-profit organization dedicated to helping disabled children integrate with typically developing children. This playground is one of 11 other uniquely designed Shane’s Inspiration playgrounds throughout Southern California. These programs have been such a success that 71 similar projects are in development throughout the US and as far away as Bangalore, India.


Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

we love you, big boy!
catherine and jason, i bet you couln't be more proud =)
the nelsons

Kristi said...

Congratulations, Reuben!
Way to go!!!!

You've made so many great steps as of late... figuratively... and now literally! Woo Hoo!

TiaChica said...

So happy for you Reuben! Go, discover your world by running on your feet!

hannah m said...

Oh, my goodness! This post brings happy, happy tears to my eyes.

YAY, REUBEN! We are so proud of you...and in my mind's eye, I can just imagine you exploring the park, taking in each flower and rock and bird you cross paths with.

So, so excited to read this post, Catherine. much love + celebration! *hannah et al