Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Boys at bedtime 28m and 10m

OK so I still have to post the 27 and 9 month by month and now it's time for this month's 28 and 10. But this is utterly delightful, the shrieks of excitement from the 2 boys as they muck about, using up the last of their energy for the day before bedtime.


TiaChica said...

This is such a gorgeous video. I am so pleased that your boys are doing so well. Sending you thoughts!

Kristi said...

Soooo sweet! What great fun they have together, eh?! All that wrestling and a babbling language of their own that they clearly understand!

I love your description of the boys' interaction with the glasses and Reuben's imaginative play with the phone!

And, all the photos from your trip are absolutely gorgeous! :-)

Geraldine said...

How funny, seeing the boys enjoying fun together before bedtime. The storm before the calm!
Great fun, wish I could have been there rolling around with them.

Crystal M. said...

Great video!! I love all of Reubens sounds and they look like they LOVE playing together. Also BEAUTIFUL View out your window!!
crystal and Eva