Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The glasses

Callum has an obsession with Reuben's glasses. If my eyes are diverted for but a second he'll have them in his mouth, crunching away on them. Callum's swinging as he does in his tigger bouncer, a great babysitter in the absence of TV in our house, and wonderful exercise too, although Callum has clearly not read the warning message at the top "This is not a swing" as he builds up to a great speed and focuses his attention ahead of him, revving up like a bull in a ring with a look of sheer determination on his face. So anyway, back to the glasses. The boys are hanging out as they do by the Tigger bouncer, Reuben picking up two toys to chew on, one for himself and one for Callum, demonstrating his wonderful big brothering skills and generosity. Then, despite having something to occupy Callum's hands, he's straight in there for the glasses, whipping them off. Quite clearly, my signing of No, and Stop and having them sitting in the naughty chair (Reuben scoots it round the floor, Callum crawls out of it), is just making them laugh and get ever more excited by the reaction it's having on them. Reuben knows how to put his hand out and sign Stop to Callum too, but it's turned into a game. So Erica's advice yesterday was to take Callum away from the situation, a tool I used before with Reuben when he kept pulling at my hair for kicks, and getting Callum to learn if he keeps doing this, he'll miss out on being with us. Here's hoping!

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