Thursday, September 10, 2009

Curly Wurly

Does anyone remember Curly Wurlys, the delicious chocolate bars from Cadbury's sold in Europe. Well, the retro bar of intertwined serpentine strings is still in production, although I haven't had one in years (if anyone would like to send me one, mmm, I'd be delighted) and seeing Reuben's post sweaty day wildly curly hair this afternoon, somehow made me think of Curly Wurlys again. So anyway, back to the curls. Seriously, how gorgeous are they in colour and form, never mind scent?
We're back at school on Monday but there's no way I'm taking him to the hairdressers again. They cut the whole lot off every time. I'll just have to invest in some hair scissors and try to do a better, more restrained, job myself.


Kristi said...

So glad you are going to keep it longer and curly... a trim here, a little snip there, but don't let anyone touch that gorgeous hair! :-)

Geraldine said...

Little boys' curles are gorgeous. Why would anyone want to chop them off?

He looks more cherubic than ever.