Thursday, September 10, 2009

Callum blue 10 months

Callum has the most exquisitely blue blue Irish smiling eyes under well defined brows and huge full pink lips which, when not in a perma pout, sit idly on his face, yearning to be kissed. He also has the same gap in his top front teeth as Reuben and I, one sister, one brother and my mum. How pleasing to see the genetic traits filtering down through the generations. (I think he's saying, "No more pics Mama please!" in these shots). I broke one of the golden rules of photography with these shots but shooting into the sun, but I love how they came out as a result.

PS: My Canon came home today after a work up. It was pretty exhausted. Great to have you back, you were missed! No nurse today so I was busy with both boys, therapy and appointments, but when the Canon arrived in the late afternoon mail, I couldn't resist putting it back to work.


Geraldine said...
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Geraldine said...

How wonderful to see the genetic trait passed down through the generations indeed! We think ourselves so lucky!