Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween at the Pumpkin Patch

Can you see the witch on her broom?

Heading deep into the country under sweltering heat, I took Callum, dressed in exactly the same outfit as Reuben was for his pumpkin patch adventure, for a day of haystacks, pumpkins, tractor rides, corn mazes and sunflowers. Funny, it was 93F on that day too. What is it with crazy weather in late October in SoCal?

(Reuben's getting better but has been home all day today recovering from pneumonia).

PS: OK I realise 700 pics is way too many to take, which means only posting 30 is hardly any at all! I'm just savouring the last few days before my boy turns One.

And, I have no idea which photo should be used for Callum 365. Any thoughts?


hannah m said...

WOW! Love these stunning photos. There is little I love more than bright orange pumpkins against the stunning blue sky. Cute almost-1-year-olds make it all the better.

So glad to hear Reu is feeling better - thinking of your sweet boy.

ellen charge said...

LOVE THEM ALL i think id b no help for the 365 coz i wanna eat them all up love u