Wednesday, December 2, 2009

31 and 13, month by month

Reuben you
Have sat on the same Santa’s knees 3 years in a row and I don’t believe we’re impressed on any of the occasions
Are so happy to be in school every day, you barely have time in the excitement to kiss your Mama bye bye and are now one of the big kids, each month watching your friends graduate to pre-school
Are learning more and more to play with the other children at school
Are increasingly sociable, saying bye bye to everyone in Target and helping them push their shopping carts
Walk so well now, with less frequent stumbles and bruises on your forehead
Are in awe of your little brother and seem to constantly teach him
Are in the transition to pre-school process
Love to count anything that needs counting in books, signing beautifully and precisely as you go
Weigh, height

Callum you
Stand momentarily and then reach between sofa and table, taking a couple of tiny steps and then back, but don’t feel ready to let go, just yet
Are getting far too frisky to take to Reuben’s therapy appointments
Thoroughly enjoyed your first Gymboree class, finally being allowed to roll on the equipment without restraint
Are in awe of your big brother, eager to learn what he has to teach you
Have developed a high pitch scream that would empty a football stadium and we’re choosing to ignore you when you do this!
Still enjoy bread more than any other food
Independently want to take your bottle by yourself unless you’re very sleepy and want the love and warmth of your parents
Run your hands through my hair when you drink your bottle
Have a lovely new wardrobe of 12-18m clothes for your birthday and suit red and blue so well
Have munched on a few of the baubles from the Christmas tree and lift them up for me to see what it is you’ve discovered
Say “dat” when you want me to name an object
Weigh, height

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