Friday, December 4, 2009

I can't wait, and I won't wait for Christmas

My NICU friend Cassandra and I took Dylan (29w premie) and Callum to see Santa. Reuben spent another day at home trying to get back to full strength before hopefully going back to school on Monday but we'll be taking him to The Grove to see our regular Santa with the very long beard which Reuben insisted on pulling last year. We had a hoot at the huge mall (with H&M and Target) that's newly opened up just 5 minutes drive from home. Callum thoroughly enjoyed crawling all over the floor around the giant Christmas Tree and was mesmerised watching Santa sing. I could hear the crowd laughing away at Callum's antics over Santa, his deep concentration on the big red man with the long beard and it gave me a huge warm glow to think they were talking about my boy. Callum was having such a fun time, he forgot he didn't like wearing his hat. Of course when it came to sitting on Santa's lap, he screamed the place down.

Later, after watching Baby Signing Time at home, Dylan (who's also hard of hearing) joined Reuben and Callum in the bath for their first bathdate and the boys were signing away.

I can't wait and I won't wait til Christmas!!!

PS Thanks to Cassandra for taking some lovely shots with my camera.

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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures and that sounds so awesome bathtime playdate. I too have done with some of my best girlfriends when the boys were little. I can't wait for Christmas either!!!!

Love, Tracy K