Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Thanks everyone. UCLA's PICU (ped. intensive care), only opened a year ago and is state of the art.  He's in the right place.

He's being treated for asthma for the first time, struggling so hard to breathe, and coughing continuously. I'm suctioning every few minutes although there's a balance between that and letting him cough it up himself. The breathing treatments are causing him to be more juicy of course but are opening up his bronchial tube which is very narrow with the asthma, that and fighting an infection is a tough call. His lung is heavy with the air he can't get out past the narrowed airway.

He didn't respond well to the ventilator, didn't want something else doing his breathing for him, thanks very much! He's barely slept. But do you know how amazing our boy is? I was signing numbers to him because I see him so often counting all the way to 30 and it would be a small distraction from how he was feeling and when I got to 5, he signed back 25, because that's our in-joke. Not 25, 6! I say in jest, and he'll repeatedly sign 25 for kicks with a smile on his face. And just now he did just that with the tinniest smile on his face. What a brave, amazing example of a perfect human being Reuben is!

Jason was in overnight in the ER whist awaiting an intensive care room. That's the tough part. The room we're now in will mean I can stay in with him til he's moved to the floor/ward when he needs less intensive care and with a view to him coming home.

PS Callum had a good suck on my phone so it's no longer working if anyone's trying to get in touch.


Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

my dear friend,
im calling justin right now to tell him what is going on. we will be praying so very hard over this. know we are here for you.

sara said...

Oh Catherine. Thinking of you all and hoping Reu is better really soon. hugest hugs from across the pond. xxx

TiaChica said...

Oh, You are all in my thoughts! Lots of strength for you all!

mog-aj said...

Catherine and Reu,

weare thinking of you and send9ng big hugs. Take care.

Sarah, Stuart and Alfie xx

hannah m said...

Your Reu is so amazing...what a tough cookie. We are sending love and prayers your way, strength and empathy for what you're experiencing, friend...xoxo

Crystal M. said...

He is amazing even when he is not feeling well he can still find a way to make his mommy smile.
Prayers are with you all,
Crystal and Eva

Kristi said...

Lovin' that he's got his humor about him still. Also lovin' that he feels strong and stubborn enough to fight the vent. (Were they using it as a ventilator or trying to give him CPAP or BiPAP support?)
Hope they get to the bottom of this "sudden" asthma onset soon and so grateful his echo looked good!
Holding you close, friends.

sharon.h said...

Just wanted to send a virtual hug (((((((hugs))))))))) to your big brave boy Reu. Hope he goes from strength to strength x