Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Reuben waiting bed in PICU

Just heard from Jason. Reuben is waiting for a bed in the PICU. He was retracting pretty badly by the time he got to UCLA hospital and needed to come back up, ventilator pending.

Haven't felt this fear for what feels like a long time.

Thanks guys for your prayers.  Going to try to get some sleep with Callum in beside me.


The Claytons said...

My heart sank when I read your post. We are keeping Reuben in our prayers. I hope he gets better very soon.

With Love,


Geraldine said...

saying prayers for Reuben, may God keep him safe!
Love G.

Crystal M. said...

My heart thoughts and prayers are with you all!! I will be thinking about Reuben all day!!
Crystal and Eva