Saturday, January 30, 2010

Under the same moon


I love the connectedness of the Moon. I can look at it tonight before bedtime and think of my family across the Big Pond, think how tonight they would have marvelled too at the same Moon. Whenever I feel homesick, it's a great source of solace. Imagine the feeling if you're speaking to your loved ones so far away and you can ask them to take the phone to the window or outside and both look up at the same time and see the Moon. Life's problems seem so much smaller, distances overcome. Tonight too, it makes me think of my Reuben, under the same moon, in hospital.


JENN said...

Hey you "REU", on Jan. 29th was an early evening full moon viewing looking up when my 10-y-o son & myself came back from Lucky store with on-the-go dinner in hand...Thinking of you under the same moon with wishes that you will soon be fully recovered... then back to your home with your brother Callum & your parents Catheringe & Jason....

You are in the thoughts of many... with prayers for you "REU"...Many angels are thinking of you as well and some watching over you keeping you strong fighting on..
Love you...


Crystal M. said...

Amazing!! I always love how you think and are always so positive!!
Prayers for Reuben.
Crystal and Eva

Kristi said...

That night's moon was the "wolf moon" -- the first full moon of the year and what was the brightest will see in all of 2010!

I agree with you, Catherine, it's a reminder of how small the world really is - - and how connected we all are - - when we look into the dark sky and all find the same "night light."

Glad Reuben continues to be on the mend... hopefully the move to the floor happens... because of the positive step toward home that means (not for the change in staffing ratios and care, of course!).

Holding you close, friends.

hannah m said...

This is such a lovely sentiment - and I agree wholeheartedly that it is a reminder of how connected we all are in spite of the miles.

So hopeful that sweet, sweet Reuben is healing...You're on my mind and heart a lot.

Geraldine said...

I often think this when looking at the moon, it's there for all to see, if they're blessed with bright skies!