Monday, February 1, 2010

Homecoming on Tuesday

Reuben's doing much better today, thanks everyone and we're planning on bringing him home directly from the PICU tomorrow. He's off the percussive breathing treatment and is being weened from the oxygen.

In other news today, a while ago I bought tickets for us all to see the Broadway production of Mary Poppins in Downtown LA, I thought, a very January thing to do, and whilst Jason watched Reuben, Callum and I had a wonderful matinee date at the theatre. It's an absolutely thrilling spectacle and left me with a huge wide eyed grin of pleasure across my face. Callum was enthralled with the first half and slept soundly snuggled into my chest through the second half. Is that not perfection!

And we had a box to boot because we'd booked disabled seats which allows us to slip out easier and I guess the box was the best way they could give that accessibility.

And then I wanted to get back to see Reuben so we traded places and I sat reading and signing with Reuben all evening, a host of Drs, nurses and RTs coming in to visit. No nothing to do, we just want to see Reuben. Reuben completely steals the heart of everyone whom he meets, teaching them to sign, making them laugh, willing them to stroke his gorgeous dirty blonde curls. One of the Drs made him a pig (or is it a rabbit) out of a peeing jug and blew up a bright blue exam glove, sketching in a face and the fingers became a shock of Mohican hair. With such new toys, a little smile crept across Reuben's left side. He has such a cool, dry, sense of humour, like a great actor.

Recorded on Dr A's official notes were the words "Reuben, my favourite patient...". It was the same Dr whom Reuben had shown the door to with a very decided point of his left finger!


Crystal M. said...

I am so happy you all will be home together tomorrow. I will pray for a quick discharge and everything goes smoothly.
Crystal and Eva

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

i would do the same...just pop in to see reu =)
i wanted to introduce you to another family we know who goes to ucla. their blog is on our blogroll and it's called rudy's beat. such a lovely family with a handsome, sweet boy named rudy.
rudy has hlhs in addition to a trach. maybe you guys might run into each other one day =)
continued love and prayers,
victoria said...

Such a treat to see Reuben today! Look forward to more playdates soon.


Kristi said...

Yay!!! I hope you are home... if not already this morning, then very soon.

I know two little boys who are going to be very happy to see each other!

Helen said...

So glad to hear Reuben's on the mend, will keep everything crossed that he is discharged tomorrow.

Big ((((((hugs)))))) to you all,