Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fresh air






Can hardly describe the joy today of seeing my boys play again in the garden.

Springlike, the lavender blooms were pungent, the weeds were rife, the sky was a deep blue and the boys were ecstatic to be together again.

I'm sitting here now so grateful that I took my camera outside and thinking, these are some of my favourite images of the boys together. So grateful that I found my Canon which I'd hidden in my drawer when running out the house one day.

How did it feel Reuben, looking up at the sky, breathing in the fresh air, rolling around with your brother after over a week of intensive care in hospital? Pretty amazing, hey?


Polly said...

Wonderful photos, as always! So pleased that the family is back together at home again... the boys are clearly delighted. Hope Reuben is recovering well. P x

Crystal M. said...

Wonderful photos as always, I wish we could go outside and enjoy some fresh air, I know I could really use it.
Crystal and Eva

amy and mighty max said...

absolutely brilliant, breathtaking photos!

so glad that reu is feeling better and back to playing with callum!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!! Glad Reuben is on the mend.

Love, Tracy K.

hannah m said...

JOY is absolutely right! Catherine, your photos have totally captured precious, joyful moments between your boys. I am so, so happy to see Sweet Reuben in the garden breathing in fresh air! xoxo

Kristina said...

SO RELIEVED that Reu is back home where he belongs! You'd have never known he had just spent over a week in the PICU. He looks gorgeous, as always!

Much love to everyone,


The Claytons said...

Absolutely amazing is right! So glad to see him out and playing with his little brother again. The pictures are adorable.

Mama Kat said...

Catherine, the pictures are absoultely beautiful...Makes me think that I need to have you take some pictures of mine soon...before they all grow up and get married on me! When Reuben is feeling better, and you are up to it, let me know and I will schedule those.
so glad he is home and on the mend.

Kristi said...

Gorgeous... as always.

It's so hard to believe that Reu was in the PICU just a day before! It's amazing how resilient our kiddos are! said...

So glad Callum got his brother back. So glad Reuben is feeling better.
So glad you found your camera.
So glad you captured such amazing moments.


TiaChica said...

So glad to see your boys together and healthy again.
Hugs and strength!

Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

Beautiful pictures, Catherine, as always! So glad that Reuben is home now and feeling better!

Geraldine said...

Don't think I've seen Reuben looking so happy! Both up to their old tricks again, brothers united and taking on the garden together!

Just lovely