Monday, February 22, 2010

Playa Vista Park

"Hound dog"

New shoes on with orthotics to help his balance and improve his arches

I so love our times at the Playa Vista Park, a Shane's Inspiration with a spongy floor, ramps, a wobbly bridge, endless slides and swings including swings designed for the disabled but which are equally inviting for Mama's and her two boys. It's just a few minutes drive from home, our local park.

It's a place where I've watched Callum grow from being a baby to a walking, talking, signing toddler and a place where I've watched Reuben metamorphasise into a running child, without a care in the World. The best plan is to keep them dressed in the same colours so they're easier to spot as they're much too independent of each other in the playground to be doing the same activity at the same time. No! they'd rather have their Mama run all over the place, eyes darting from corner to corner, under every bridge, through every tunnel, nook and cranny, til perhaps I find them settled under the bridge, chatting or signing away to new friends.


Kristina said...

Remember when you first found out about this park and the 4 of us went together? I can't believe how much has changed in that short time! Hah! Now your one of "those" mama's that are constantly chasing your boys around trying to stop them from getting into mischief! Caution: They'll only get faster... LOL!!!

.....But I know you wouldn't trade that for anything else in the world :)

JENN G.F. said...

Remembering January 1st 2010 New Year late morning Mama Catherine and the boys...wonderfully sharing the special moments with your munchkins having their kiddie world adventures on the safely gated padded play structures in this popular Park next to it a soccer field... That was awesome..

Now your R & C wow... how they grow fast...Beautifully sharing your joys....


from "JENN"