Monday, February 22, 2010

Trach tie change

How easily Reuben takes the nightly routine of the trach tie change.

With bath time over, the soap suds washed away, lavender oil smoothed over his lovely pale skin, we go into the playroom bathroom, with Reuben just in his diaper. He takes one new trach tie from a little paper bag of them and opens up the velcro on both sides. He puts it up against his neck to show me he knows where it goes. Taking the old tie off, he'll sign "dirty" and I'll wipe away the remains of the day, leaving it nice and clean. A layer of antibacterial cream, an antiseptic dressing and on goes the velcro tie. We use it as a time to sign, numbers and letters, opposites, or silly stuff. Last night we played at yawning at each other and I remember what seems like not so long ago thinking, I wonder when he'll yawn back at me when I yawn at him? It's a time I funnily enjoy each evening, very relaxing, taking my time, thinking and having just us time. If Callum's about, he'll want to climb up the step stool to the bathroom sink beside us, so I'll close the door just in case.

The sleep study is on 28 February; I wonder what will come of that. He certainly can breathe through his nose and mouth with ease when we cap it throughout the day and the rest perhaps depends on whether he's withholding any Co2 in the process.

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