Tuesday, April 13, 2010


A little trach tie covers the stoma allowing air to aid healing. The stoma will close to a pinprick in a couple of days. It is so utterly strange to see my boy like this, without a trach and boy is he handsome! I noticed here the Children's Hospital hands logo embedded in between starships and spacemen.

Walk of honour

"Mama have. I won't be needing this anymore thank you."


31 months and 6 throat surgeries later, the trach is out.

Been up all night in hospital, now 2pm and I must have a nap.  I'll post later about this incredible journey to get to this position. But for now, must sleep then pick up Callum.

Thank you........


PS Woke up to home phone. Had to post more. Reu would not wear his cap all night, not at all kept wanting to breathe through trach thus no sleep for me plus in a room with 3 newborns, enough said. So ask Dr this morning when he arrives at 7am to help, though no help, needed, you just whip it out "So what happens if he doesn't tolerate the trach out?". "Well, we'll come back in a year". I'm fuming at this. Dr has been negative throughout the years with the bedside manner of a wet fish. Brilliant surgeon, but wet fish. And so we try our blooming damndest to make it work. Jason whips it out, I take the pics, we divert Reu's attention with Signing Time and taking him for a walk to see the nurses and if you visit the blog you'll see him playing in the playroom too.


mog-aj said...

wow wow wow!!!!! I am so happy and I feel your nerves for the next couple of days, he is a little star :D. It is the most amazing feeling and the scariest ever, just pop out and breathe. So so so cool. XXXX
I love the fact he is so bolivious to the excitement just chilling with his toys.

The Waggoner Family said...

Congratulations Reuben!!! What a wonderful day!

Kristina said...

YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!! CONGRATULATIONS to ALL of you!!! Oh my goodness what an amazing accomplishment! I can't believe the day we've all been waiting for came! I'm so happy I can't stop crying! I'm a weeping mess!

Reu, I KNEW you could do it! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE, YOU! What a miracle!

Kristi said...

So very happy for you and Reuben.

That first picture is so beautiful and I absolutely love seeing the images of him playing and holding the trach out to you.

Thinking of you as you get through the next few days.

Crystal M. said...

Congrats Reuben!! Way to go!!

ellen charge said...

what an amazing miracle this is

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

we are CELEBRATING with you guys! so sorry about the bedside manner of certain doctor. however, hopefully you won't have to be dealing too much more with him - so Celebration #2! =)
Lots of love to you all,

UndercoverPete said...

Fantastic news and another huge step for Reuben. I'm sure he'll become more relaxed and accustomed to it and move forward, ready for the next challenge.

marry said...

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