Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Blooms III

And only had eyes for Callum (see glasses).

Reuben fell out of the Radio Flyer Wagon and onto the bed of wildflowers where I left him momentarily in reels of laughter.

Colouring, Play-doh and finger painting in the garden this afternoon with friend Alexander. I'm not very good at arts and crafts but I do enjoy these times with the boys. For Reuben's birthday, I'm making a Blurb book of his lovely artwork.

Everyone's been so kind with all your comments, thanks so much. You can see the stoma in his neck where the trach once was. Today I heard new sounds with his sweet angelic voice that I've never heard before. He was excited and elated all day.

BTW: Just to show you can find beauty on every corner, this is 2 miles away from LAX airport.


RebeccaA said...

We lived in the Bay Area for 11 years and I forgot about the ice plants...they are unique.
Lovely pictures of the boys. Take care of yourself. Our son is 8 (with CHARGE)and right now he is counting down the weeks until his First Communion (May 2). Hold on to the joys of every day life. They are the moments to cherish.
Mom to Cameron, 8

JENN said...

Hello Birthday Brave "REU"
You are looking amazingly very joyful along with your
brother "CALI" beautiful place ..these beautiful pictures of sweet cool R & C...charming just like "Mama"..

What great contagious happiness in this 2010 lovely Spring air....

Your terrific friendly little husky munchkins are so amazingly angelic miracles..., Catherine...

Very glad for the blessings ...and in faith, love will always we know it... in God's will...

With Care,


Geraldine said...

These lovely photos are pure nostalgia! Like wonderful memories from a beautiful dream.