Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santa babies

Your hands run through your Santa hat

Playing as if with my hair
Those times when you lull yourself into a peaceful slumber
And this evening as the sun begins to set on a glorious day
We skip over the leaves in the Radio Flyer Wagon
You boys side by side with your silly hats
I turn to you and your head is nestled into the soft and cosy cushion
A face plant
And the twisting and twirling of the Santa hat
Has lulled you into a deep and beautiful slumber
So as the light begins to fade
I pull the wagon up and down pavements
From garden to garden boasting Christmas lights
And you sleep through it all
Every garden's santa, reindeer, sleigh and penguin
You sleep through it all

1 comment:

Crystal M. said...

Great pics as always!!!