Tuesday, December 21, 2010


And the outtakes:

They fascinate me, they enthrall me, they amaze me absolutely. I envisaged the boys with their angel wings and tinsel, brining back memories of Christmas nativity plays. They are holding the Santons from Sarah, my infertility friend. Reuben sat here for a full hour singing "Jingle Bells", long after Callum had escaped. I signed "I love you" to Reuben as I lay down beside him, his eyes gently flickering with a sleepy afternoon sleep approaching and he looked straight at me, his angelic cherubic curls spilling all around his face and said softly, sweetly "I love you". The first clearly understood expression of those words from Reuben. So crystal clear like Christmas lights. So gorgeous so as to leave me with a huge overwhelming feeling of love that reached my tear ducts and shed tears of joy for him. I felt like was in the presence of a real angel, that angels we have known were with us. It was one of the most extraordinary moments I've ever experienced, and it happened today, the Winter Solstice.

I have no Christmas cards in the making so, and am pathetically disorganised this year with apology, but to help save the planet, I'm going for a homemade ecard with a personal message to each who've helped me get through the last challenging year. I think this image will suffice, don't you...

We have our wings. It's a wonderful life.

Dedicated to all angels in heaven.


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angels indeed!
no sweeter words have ever been said Reu - melt my heart :)