Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas. Thanks for sharing another year with us, watching the boys grow, Reuben speak in gorgeous little sentences whilst still signing away like crazy and attempting to teach Callum ASL, Callum growing in empathy and understanding for Reuben, each helping the other to speak.

It was bittersweet seeing Reuben graduate from UCLA, but no soon after, Callum joined the early intervention programme as a role model, the one who doesn't like to eat his lunch and has the loudest voice that defies his size.

With the tracheostomy removed, Reuben has found a new found freedom, being able to run away from me, giggling as he does at his misdemeanours, enjoying the most precious moments and achingly loving his brother. Life is less medically intensive despite what we know to surgically loom on the horizon next year, but being able to leave Reuben at school without a medical aide is a huge change to our lives, and means whilst Reuben's having fun making new friends, I can indulge in spending time with Callum in the park or library and giving him more of the personal attention.

Our lives continue to be a mixture of highs and lows and I've always tried to capitalise on the former, grabbing the moments when Reuben is in good health to grab the bull by the horn and to run to wonderful parks, beaches, museums and cultural centres to experience everything that is so new to them.  Soaking it up, bathing in beautiful things with my camera in hand to not let a moment of observation of my dear boys go by. Forever we're faced with that juxtaposition: wanting our babies to grow to toddlers, to little running children and yet holding dear the newness of the beginnings of their lives. Giving them the bones to grow wings whilst giving them roots in love.

I've stepped up work in my photography business and have enjoyed the wonderful experience I've gained, if not the editing in the middle of the night whilst the boys are sleeping in an attempt to learn the the technical side. That has been another huge mountain for me to climb. I'm thankful for the clients I've worked with for one off events or those who wish for me to continue to capture milestones in their lives. At times, it's felt like a huge juggle in the absence of any outside help with the boys, but this year's investment will make life so much easier this year. Photography has been a passion of mine since my teens and there's nothing better than doing your two favourite jobs in life at the same time.

I hope you've enjoyed following us here, on my experimental year on Blipfoto posting one photo every day which I have loved and will continue, on Facebook, the new entity which I'm just getting to grips with and on my photography website and photography blog. 

May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases be white...

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