Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy Hogmanay

One of the fabulous things about living in Los Angeles, the US's adventure capital, is we can be playing in the powdery, desert-dry snow in the high mountains of Mount Wilson in the San Gabriel Range, part of the Angeles National Forest by midday, sledding under crystal clear blue skies in 24F to which Callum responded after 1 minute in it in truth "All done, Mama", looking out over the LA basin and to the islands of Catalina closely off shore, warm up in a log cabin restaurant for lunch with hot chocolate, chicken tortilla soup and chips, then scurry down the mountain and be in Disneyland an hour later. 

A very flamboyant day, but absolutely worth it for the gorgeous fireworks heralding in the American year at 9pm lighting up Cinderella's Castle, back in bed for 10pm, asleep for 1010pm and awoken by the fireworks by the marina at midnight with Callum nestled into me for a treat. It may have been completely dry, but I have the boys all to myself now for 10 days and I need a bit of stamina. As to why I'm editing this pic when there's so much to do, I've no idea! A little bottle of champagne, solo mio and a good DVD for tonight may be on the cards.

I've only just remembered to sing Ole Lang Syne with the boys and they danced instantly though Reuben still insists on singing Jingle Bells.

Happy New Year to you all!
Catherine and my boys

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