Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Day

Aka "He's behind you!".

So where are the clothes? you might ask.

In true pantomime smile, I was taking a moment out to post my yesterday's backBlip when Callum came running in with pooe-ey fingers. So off we went to clean him up and change his clothes. A short while later, I was making some tea and heard a sound emerging from the playroom bathroom. Did I not expect to see a poo deposited by Callum in the toilet, a discarded dirty diaper, flooded floor spilling into the playroom, soaking wet toilet paper, a ruined drawer of diapers and a tap still spitting out warm water (thankfully I recently turned the thermostat down for safety) and the boys joyfully playing in the waterfall. Did I keep my calm and smile sweetly like a loving mama does? Of course I did, with a sweet and gentle smile and utterly calm disposition.

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Crystal M. said...

Adorable, and thanks for the chuckle sounds like something Eva would do...LOL