Monday, January 31, 2011

See the light

It has been an extremely rough 24hrs and torture for Reuben. Nature has a craving for equilibrium, for bringing things back from highs and lows, for neutrality. I've been reminded of this whilst spending time with Callum this morning. And so I share 16 frames out of the camera, bare naked pics without any makeup. It's blessed countenance. Callum in his crib backlight by the south facing window.

Whilst my head has been full of topical medications for Reuben's severe diaper rash brought on by diarrhea brought on my antibiotics (which we've had to discontinue - no choice) brought on by his UTI and ear infection, this morning I took some time out with Callum as yesterday he was at the aquarium with Jason and today Reuben's in the hospital for a white count test (down from 46 to 8 - hurrah!). We enjoyed a lovely shower together which brought on a lovely sleepiness as he asked for his bed. Can this really be the same boy I ask again who would wail at the thought of going anywhere near bed. Is it because hippo, musk ox, owl, gator, elephant, rhino and mouse are in with you?

Thanks to Blip and FB, we have some new remedies to try. In the NICU, the nurses would make their own paste concoctions as the tiny premies and newborns were being assaulted with antibiotics and their skin had no defense. 


PBJ Mommy said...

My husband and I just loved watching Reuben signing his ABC's and spelling. He's amazing and so beautiful. I just loved seeing how proud he was of himself. :)

I can't find my phone right now. I'm hoping I left it in the car rather than the hospital. I will try and call tomorrow depending on how long I can get away from the bedside.

So how do you go about getting medical? Do I talk with the social worker to get started?

p.s. just love the pic with Callum's tonger sticking out.

Ketcham22 said...

Thanks for visiting Nick's page! It's nice to meet other parents who have children with similar interests and issues! I love all your pictures! You are an amazing photographer! I wish we lived closer and I could hire you!!
Reading about your boys give me so much inspiration! There are many bumps in our boys' roads but they are so strong and truly are blessings from God.

ellen charge said...

love ur photo xxxxxxxxxx