Thursday, January 27, 2011

In quiet contemplation

So in the last week Reuben's dealt with two ambulance journeys, 36hrs in ER and a night on a (very luxurious) new wing at UCLA battling spasmodic croup, coxsockie virus, a UTI and an ear infection. All in good humour and in his stride.

This, in quiet contemplation.

Of all that's been in the last week. A stronger day. Let's work on getting you back to school soon little man.

Thanks for thinking of us…


Lorna said...

Speedy recovery wee man.
Big hugs
Lorna & Katie

Mama Kat said...

such striking eyes! Did you edit those? Callums in the prior post too. Same gorgeous eyes! :) thinking of you, praying that Rue is feeeling better.

PBJ Mommy said...

Hi this is Amy mom to Mason born 1/6/11 and just diagnosed with CHARGE.
I was talking with one of the nurses in CHLA nicu about Mason and his diagnosis and she told me she had taken care of a couple of other babies with CHARGE and knew that they had blogs if I was interested.
She then told me about Reuben's blog and I told her I was already a follower of your blog. :)
The nurses name is Lisa and she took care of both Reuben and Moriah and now Mason.
Small world huh?
Reuben you have such beautiful eyes - feel better soon! Sending lots of love and get well wishes from Mason and I!