Tuesday, August 16, 2011

And there's more - Los Angeles Family Photographer

Tuesday, Mr Jesse storytime in the library, but not before watching a TV film crew for Private Practice at our beach park. The usual mums were replaced with actors and the babies with dolls in prams. Then on to check out a Montessori school for Callum which only does 5 days a week programmes. I'm not sure I'm ready to give him up every morning for school or is it time to let go a little? Need advice.

Reading and potty time seems to dominate our afternoons and then back to Santa Monica for the swim lesson in the evening. This is proving a very intensive swim immersion for them and I could never have envisaged how quickly Callum in particular would let go and swim all by himself! I know the focus on my Blips has been Callum, but someone once mentioned discussing at home how it would be for Callum as the sibling of a child with multiple disabilities requiring extra special care. Darling Callum. If you're reading this in the future. It always has been about you darling in my heart just as much as with Reuben and here now is your finest hour. You're thriving! In so many areas, puzzles and physical activities, you've found your excellence, just as Reuben has found his in reading.


The Waggoner Family said...

Catherine, I also worry about how Claire will handle growing up with a brother who needs so much care. Thankfully I can look at her and see how well she is doing and my worries seem to fade a little. Reuben and Callum are very lucky to have you for a mom!

JENN said...

Hello R&C awesome little olympians... You little munchkins are so lucky to have your "Mum" gathering the precious and special moments of your lives... Awesome lovely captures of your boys, Mama C...

With TLC from "Jenn"