Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Today at Big Bear Mountain, S California

Reuben (4.5) is adaptive skiing alongside Callum (3)

Never could I have imagined that this would be possible, especially not on Christmas Day this year when Reuben was admitted into hospital for RSV

If I tell you a certain special little man had a unexpected 3 hour Adaptive Ski lesson today, on the chairlift, on real skis, on a dual ski, and on a gait trainer with skis skiing the whole way down the mountain, leaving his mummy with tears of joy and him with a big proud face, would you believe me....?

Or that my little three year old was hurtling down the mountain alongside him?

Reuben has Tetrology of Fallot, a series of congenital heart defects, congenital cervical spine fusions, is moderately-severely deaf, wears glasses, has a coloboma, has chronic lung disease, feeds through a gastric tube, had his tracheostomy removed in June 2010, has had 17 surgeries, but, typically of his syndrome (CHARGE), is extremely determined.

Yet never could I envisage Reuben would have such an amazing opportunity, being able to enjoy skiing given his heap of medical, sensory and balance issues, never mind that this Christmas Day he was admitted to hospital. Such sports were always out of bounds for Reuben, that is, until I spotted a little sign today and asked him, "Would you like to go skiing?". "Yes!"

"I go very very fast" I heard him in the car tonight on the way back from Big Bear Mountain. "Callum goes very slow", he continued, laughing his socks off...


UndercoverPete said...

Great photos, fantastic to see them both skiing

Anonymous said...

Hi,Catherine. I'm a friend of Kristi Swann, Becky, and I just saw the INCREDIBLE photos you took at her surprise shower. My jaw was open the whole time, in awe of your capturing each moment and emotion and beauty of the event. They made me tear. Thank you so much for taking and sharing such amazing photos. You are beyond beyond talented. It means so much to see these special photos when we have to be so far away from those sweet Swanns. Thank you. xo Becky Morazzini