Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Our flowers

Little changes happening on the vacant lot. These will always be our flowers; we wish them good morning on our drives to school and good afternoon upon our arrival home. We wish them goodnight as we leave when the sun has set and the cool ocean air leaves its dew upon their petals as they cuddle up inside themselves for the evening. They are very dear to us. In the mornings to come, their water source will dry and they will hibernate for the summer, giving way to the more succulent pink and yellow ice plants across from them. To have both in bloom at the same time would just be too visually arresting. So they take it in turns. 

I can't describe how fortunate I feel to own the 70-200/2.8 IS USM (that's a long way of expressing a very beautiful lens). Everything I wish from her she gives to me. She's also made very good friends with the newborn 35/1.4. At first, I thought there would be sibling rivalry, born so close to each other, but they merely serve as foils to each other, perfectly complimentary really, filling in for each other's idiosyncrasies and opportunities, shall we say.

Reuben had a hearing test today and therein lies the irony. Tonight, we lost the hearing aid, and had to return to this location twice to this location at night with a flashlight to try and find it. It's a tiny little thing. Thanking God that it makes a sound when disconnected from the hair band. In the past, I've found it by clicking through 100s of photos, locating where I can and can't see it on the shots on one occasion in a huge pumpkin and hay field. 

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