Monday, March 5, 2012

Help needed

If you haven't guessed already, I'm a fiercely independent person so it pains me to seek any help.

Unfortunately, today I discovered we're not going to be getting the support we hoped to receive in the next few weeks leading up to and after Reuben's open heart surgery, a time when we do actually need it.

When people let us down this badly, all they're really doing is letting the boys down and that's not acceptable.

Reuben's surgery is on March 20th and I'm not only worried about Reuben, but about who will be able to help with Callum for the 5 days it's estimated Reuben will be in intensive care at UCLA hospital. I'm feeling panicked about how I'm going to make it all work now.

So it's just a heads up for now and hopefully with help I can put a plan together to make this work.

I need two things specifically - help with Callum and hugs for me.

After losing my phone, I had to rebuild my phone contacts from scratch so please do send me a text with your name to 310 430 3701 so I can plug them back in. And thanks to everyone who already has done so.

Thanks in advance.

The great news is that Reuben's Dad Jason has managed to re-secure the Medical Waiver for Reuben at the 11th hour before expiration. It was a hugely painful series of negotiations with Sacramento so I thank Jason for doing that.


Carrie said...

Gosh, Catherine, I don't even "know" you, but I surely wish I could help take care of Callum but I am in NY. I have two nephews and I adore them incredibly. Do you have a church network you could ask? You might be able to parcel together groups of reliable people to work in tandem. I'm sending you as many virtual hugs as I can.

Tim Hartshorne said...

I don't text, and I'm not near by, but am sending hugs.

Calyn said...

So so so sorry!!! I wish I lived close, because I would LOVE to have Callum. He is the cutest thing in the world and my boy would love him. Good luck! Wish I could be there to lend a hand!!!

Tanya said...

Wish I was closer so I could help... just know that I'm sending you lots of hugs! Tanya

Nursie Kristina said...

I'm still taking time off from my weekend patient to give to Reu so I'll be there for the boys when Reu gets home. As for Callum, he's welcome ro come over while Reu is in hospital. We're only 10 minutes away from UCLA and we've still got many of my toys from when i was little. :)