Saturday, April 21, 2012


On April 10th, Reuben went into UCLA hospital to remove a subaortic membrane tissue through his second open heart surgery and his 18th surgery to date. After some of the biggest challenges we've ever faced, his airway not being visualized in a traumatic situation before surgery, the collapse of his left lung after surgery, and more pain, fear and sadness than any man should experience in a lifetime, he has once again weathered what life has thrown at him and come out smiling. The heart repair was completely successful. Along the journey he continues to inspire and warm hearts. The love they share overflows, their enduring empathy for each other.

I am beyond proud of my little Braveheart, my extraordinarily wise and beautiful young man.

Today, he came home...


Lisa said...

I am so happy for him and for your family. Just looking at the stitching on his little chest made me flinch :(. What a brave little boy.
Congratulations on his homecoming!!

Calyn said...

This picture made me SMILE and maybe even tear up! So happy he got to go home:)

dxeechick said...

OH MY GOD. The holding hands picture literally took my breath away. I've only met your little men once and I just love them so much! Glad you are home.