Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Reuben makes his FOX TV debut!

When the Olympic gold medallists visited UCLA Mattel Childrens Hospital last week, they came with the Fox TV crew and yay Reuben made his TV debut alongside me. It's inspiring to watch the video through or we appear from .40 seconds. We are doing our secret sign for I love you Reuben*. The biggest irony is that Jason and I were actually at the Athens Olympics and watched the 100m women's hurdle final, watching Joanna Hayes winning and receiving the same gold medal that 8 years later she placed on Reuben's neck.....surreal.

*And the secret sign for I love you Reuben? Four hands make the sign for I love you in ASL, then cross middle and index finger together to make the sign for "R", Reuben's hands touch mine and there we are, I love you Reuben!

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Crystal M. said...

That is so cool, Eva has been in the paper a few times but never the news!!! Way to go Reuben!!