Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Kids in the House

I could barely have imagined almost 6 years ago in darker days that, not only would there be a wonderful and ultimate parenting resource, but that I would be able to contribute to it and be in a position to help other parents of children with special needs.

Three years ago, Kids in the House was in the early stages of development and today it launched.

I wanted to stay up for the eve of its launch so that I could see the wonderful fruits of so many contributors' efforts, brought together by an astounding production team, the project the brain child of entrepreneur Leana Greene. I hope it finds a way to benefit families from parents of children with special needs to parents of children who are typically developing. The site brings together 400 of the nation's leading experts on parenting issues, from the top pediatricians, child care specialists and therapists in the form of bite sized videos answering 8,000 parenting issue questions.

So here it is, Kids in the House.

Kids in the House

My own videos are found under Catherine Lacey Dodd

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