Friday, April 5, 2013

The Flower Fields - Los Angeles Family Photographer

How I adore Spring, the sight and sounds of the bees buzzing, flower festivals and that feeling of love in the air. For is Spring not a lot like love? I recall the Spalding Flower Festival as a kid, Googling it now has pulled me into a wonderful pool of nostalgia of long coach trips up North as the happy flowery faces gaze back at me.

We made a huge trip down to San Diego County with Kristina to view these during Spring Break. It felt like madness to everyone else but me of course, enjoyed a great feast of a dinner and then hit the road for the two hour return journey. And it was worth every single mile to see nature in all its stunning glory.

I should find more time for the things I love, the things I'll treasure, committing words and pictures to the web, the closest thing to paper I currently know. This is a sneak peek of our day. If I were to wait til I'd been through and edited all the images, I might find myself blogging next year's Spring at the same time. Now wouldn't that be something?

What memories in this most nostalgic of seasons coming flooding back? If the sense of smell is that which is closely related to memory and Spring has an abundance of beautiful smell, there are surely many memories to share...

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Anonymous said...

Such beautiful images.

Your video was wonderful. JJ x